Thursday, March 21, 2013

Working Out as a Sister Missionary + Exercise Book!

So...during my mission I will get 30 minutes per day to work out.  Only 30 minutes.  Now I'm not saying that I'm some workout fanatic, but I have done cross country and track for the past 7 years and just recently did my first half-marathon.  Now I could wake up early and work out more, but that all depends on my companion.  So instead, I searched and picked the best ways to motivate myself and make the most out of the 30 minutes! Also, included are instructions to make the workout book I made! 


1. Bring cute workout clothes. Or at least like the clothes you bring to workout in.   Now I know this sounds dumb, but if you like the clothes you have to workout in, then you will be more likely to workout!  Bring clothes that you will be comfortable working out in.  I personally love the loose capris, but I know plenty of people that prefer basketball shorts.  Make sure they are modest, but beyond that, make sure you like them! Also, buy clothes for the weather you will be in.  If it will be cold, bring long sleeved, thermal leggings, headband, cheap gloves, etc.  If it will be hot, bring sweat wicking material. Be smart with what you bring!  It has to last for 18 months!!  (Below are some of the things that I bought!) 

2.  This may be the most important one, but bring good quality shoes!  If you are wearing the same pair of shoes everyday for 18 months, make sure they are good quality.  I would recommend going to a running store (I like Roadrunners Sports)  that has a program to determine the best type of shoe for your foot and tread.  Also, shoes have specific durations that they are made for.  Look for an endurance shoe or one for longer distances.  They will last longer.  Some shoes are made for 200 miles, others for 500+ miles.  Look for the ones that will last 500+ miles.  They will be more expensive, but won't fall apart in the middle of your mission! My favorite running shoe brands are Nike, Brooks, and Mizunos. For my mission, I got a pair of Mizunos (see below!)

3.  Use what you have to bring the most success.  Sister missionaries don't have enough space to pack a personal gym.  However, with just your body weight, you can have a very successful workout.  Other small equipment that would be helpful to have would include bands and a speed jump rope.  Jump rope is a great way to get an indoor cardio workout.  Also, instead of bringing weight, use cans of food, water bottles, or shoes.  

4. STRETCH!  Make sure to stretch after the workouts.  It will be your lifesaver.  No one wants to tract all day with a sore body from the earlier workout.  Stretching for even 2 minutes (but preferably at least 5 minutes) twice a day will make worlds of difference in how your body responds to working out and the other stresses of a mission. 

5. Bring workouts to do!  If you target certain areas of your body per day, you will be more successful. Also, circuit workouts are very effective in short amounts of time! I've seen many different ways to bring workouts, but I'm kinda crafty, so I made a workout book!  And...I love it!  I'm so excited to do these workouts!  I got most of my workouts from Pinterest (my board here).  Then I cut them out and pasted them in a small notebook.  I also typed up what each type of exercise was in a index.  

Because I am a nice person, I made a PDF (link here) of all the exercises and the index, already to size so others can use it to make their own book!  Enjoy! 


  1. Such a great idea! I am totally stealing your idea and doing this! How big is the notebook that you have?

    1. It is 5 inches by 7 inches. I got it at Target! It has 80 pages, and I put the exercises on both the front and the back of the pages. Some of the exercises are slightly too big so I would just trim them down! Good luck!

  2. You are a lifesaver for putting the PDF at the bottom. Totally using it. Thanks so much!! (:

  3. Thanks for making this so easy for us to follow. You've included so many posts I have pinned, but now I can put them in a book to use when I'm not near my computer (I don't have a smart phone.) THANKS!!

    I'm totally making two of these! One for my missionary boyfriend, and one for myself for my mission!!!! YOU ROCK! <3

  5. You are going straight to heaven my friend.

  6. Your idea was shared on! Thank you!

  7. Oh my gosh this is great! Thanks!!!

  8. Can I just say that I love you? Like genuine, true love. Thank you so much for this pdf!!!!

  9. Hi just drop by to say your works is great and I love it.


    link for familycare (FCF)

  10. thank you times a billion!!! :)

  11. This is soo cute and it is such a lifesaver!!


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